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They're implanting chips in the brains of primates and making them play Pong. I find this a grossly disrespectful thing to do to our cousins. I can't stop the Second Richest Man in the world from doing what he wants, but I can make a videogame. You wouldn't like it if it was you.

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TagsFirst-Person, tojam

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Unzip the archive and run the executable file.


chImplant.zip 53 MB


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is the segment where you can only move backwards by pressing left intentional, or...

I didn't plan any unusual controls like that, so it sounds like you've found a bug. Which "segment" does this happen in?

chImplant is terrifying. TOJam streamer SUGS managed to get some food. Excellent game. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1051240131