A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Ahh, the majestic Solarback whale, navigating the endless gulfs of interstellar space. Stopping at gravity wells to breathe the gasses and feast on Krillites on the way to the mating grounds near the sun...

Mouse look controls direction.
SPACE BAR is your friend - it will steady your whale if the movement gets too crazy.
W, S - Forwards and Backwards
A, D - Roll
Left mouse button to eat when you find some Krill!

Return to the Oxygen Cloud regularly so you don't suffocate.

Escape to quit, Backspace to toggle full screen.

Install instructions

Extract the files from the .zip folder and run the .exe.
Made with Godot Engine.


Solarback_win64.zip 27 MB
solarback_x11.zip 27 MB


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Updated: Native resolution is now 1920 x 1080, ESC to quit any time, Backspace to toggle fullscreen. Also made Krillites slightly more visible to make them a little easier to see from a distance. But only slightly ;)